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AiR Eng Speech Con. & 2nd quiz on Jap. culture.

Hellooo! my students & friends. It's been a couple of weeks. Well, just to let you know that our 2010 AiR English speech contest was over and it was a big success at both the local and the national level. For those who couldn't attend at the local level, Miss Kanae Kosugi of International Communication Department won the first prize and had a trophy, a certificate and \50,000 coupon.Her speech title was on the Gap between the Rich and the Poor. Miss Shiori came second and had a certificate and \10,000 coupon. All other participants had a participating prize. The contest was so competitive that the judges had a tough time deciding on the first two prizes. Everybody did fine. Miss Haruna Tomatsu who represented AiR at the national level also presented her speech at the local level but was not judged. she could have won the first prize at the local level if she were judged. She proved this at the national level where she came second in a very high level contest. For her prize, she had a trophy, a certificate and an MP3 music player. She talked on suicide, a very tough topic. In all, it was a good job done by everybody. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed in one way or the other to the success of this year's speech contest.

Now the Second Quiz on Japanese Culture.
The conditions for the prize remains the same as before. ie. you must tell me the answer directly and the first person to get it right wins the secret prize.

The Question: What is "Omokage-no- Ido? Where is it? Who created it? With what was it created? What happens to a pilgrim visiting it?
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