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Nick says "Yoroshiku"

Hi everyone.
I'm Nick and am new to this blog. I'd like to say hi to all readers and to encourage all students to approach me with any problem they may have especially concerning their English studies. I'm not sure about what to write now but as a starter, I'm going to be putting up one question at a time to all AiR students. You must not answer the question by replying on this blog. You must come to me and tell me the answer. The first person to come to me with the correct answer will receive a present, so once you know the answer or researched and found the answer, you should rush to me. So who's gonna be the first "early bird"?

Here we go.
In Japanese mythology, who was Kei? What happened to her?
Hint: H...-ko. O.K. R-u-s-h for your present now.


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